Content Management System

We build websites using user-friendly CMS, such as Magento, WordPress and Perch. We will fully train you to use these systems to quickly and easily alter the content of your website, and view the finished product instantaneously. CMS allows you to provide consumers with the most up-to-date information and gives you ultimate control over your website.

Front End Technologies

We develop valid HTML websites that are mobile friendly and compatible with all major browsers. HTML5 enables websites to be enriched with a range of innovative features, including interactive content and videos that play without the use of Flash. With the help of CSS and JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS), we take websites to the next level by incorporating the most groundbreaking design features for fluid user interactions.

Analytics Integration

We incorporate Google, Alexa and Bing Analytics into all the websites we create to give you the best insight into how the website is performing. These analytics systems hold numerous benefits, from allowing you to rate and compare business generated by smartphones, websites and mobile applications, to analysing the successful strategies used by your competitors. With access to these analytics, we tailor your website over time to engage better with your customers and increase conversions.

Social Media Integration

We integrate social media into the websites we build to maximise the exposure of your business. With multiple platforms available, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, social media can break down the boundaries set by traditional communication channels to enable your business to connect with new audiences. Creating personal connections can foster the emotional engagement, encouraging a greater number of consumers to become involved with your business.

Management & Solution Integration

We incorporate management systems and solutions into your website to enhance the level of interaction consumers are able to have with your business. This could include systems for managing events, online auctions, ticket allocation, competitions or membership registration. Integrating management and solution systems into your website makes it easy for consumers to access vital information and become involved with your business, which in turn helps to enhance its value.

Hosting & Management

We take the stress out of managing a website by setting up the domain and hosting your website for you. By hosting your website, we can ensure that it remains active to maximise engagement, while giving your customers access to a top of the range, helpful website even if you do not have the time or expertise to manage it yourself.

Google Maps & GPS Integration

We can integrate Google Maps and GPS into your mobile website to enable people in the local area to easily connect with your business. These features pinpoint a consumer’s location and deliver the essential information about your business, such as the name and address, directly into the hands of those who are most likely to use it.