Content Management System (CMS)

We build websites using user-friendly CMS, such as Magento, WordPress and Perch. We will fully train you to use these systems to quickly and easily alter the content of your website, and view the finished product instantaneously. CMS allows you to provide consumers with the most up-to-date information and gives you ultimate control over your website.

Store Integration

We can integrate your products into multi-channel e-commerce stores to expose your business to a wider audience. Online stores such as eBay, Google Store and Amazon enable consumers to purchase products whenever and wherever they are. Making your products available online allows your business to connect with new customers and creates extra opportunities for consumers to make purchases.

Payment Gataway Integration

We can implement a range of payment gataway solutions to enable your business to obtain payments directly through your website. Checkout solutions such as PayPal, Stribe and allow consumers to purchase products safely and securely using credit card or electronic cheque. Making the purchasing experience flexible allows consumers to make purchases conveniently, which will increase conversions by reducing the amount of people who abandon sales at the checkout.

Accounting Integration

We can integrate accounting information into your e-commerce platform to simplify the purchasing process. Accounting systems such as MYOB and Xero can be implemented, giving you access to account information from wherever you are. As account information needs to be entered only once, transactions can be made efficiently which makes it easier for consumers to carry out return purchases.

Inventory & Logistics Integration

We can incorporate inventory and logistics information into your e-commerce platform to enable you to easily monitor stock levels. Inventory and logistics management software, such as Unleashed, allows carriers to efficiently monitor their stock levels in real time. As a carrier, this type of management allows you to quickly identify purchasing trends and alter operations accordingly, making your business more adaptable and responsive.